Rear Rainforest: Plant List

The rear section of the park covers an area with wet sclerophyll/rainforest flora. This area had previously been used as part of the Bulli mine and had been overgrown with lantana and other weeds before being included in the park. Since then a great deal of effort has gone into revegetation and the fruits of the labour are now starting to show. Based on prices Wollongong Council uses for restoration work over $100,000 worth of effort has been put into this area by the Park volunteers! This includes walking trails constructed and maintained by the park.

The area is accessible at all time.
But only for walkers!
A great deal of damage has been done in the past by campers, horse riders, motor bikes, mountain/trail bikes. It is disappointing to see that a (hopefully) minority of representatives from these groups are unable to adopt responsible attitudes. Fortunately a Illawarra Flane Tree and a turpentine are trying again! (update: unfortunately the turpentine didn't make it)

Access may be obtained either from Seymour Place or walking around the North side of the fence of the enclosed section.

Much work still needs to be done on this area. Many species of fungi, mosses and liverworts are also present.
Weed control is continuing. List of common weeds.

Below are facilties for sorting and searching for species. Hopefully all information is accurate. A number of reference books were used in compiling the data, however any omissions or errors are my fault, not the books listed. Any comments please use our contact details form.

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